LCG Multimedia

If you can write an email,
you can run a website.

With in-person expert counseling and technophobia-friendly assistance, the ability to easily modify and update your website yourself, and a system as simple as your email inbox, now's the time to finally fix up that old website of yours and make a better impression on your visitors.

Compete with the professionals

You don't need a specialized staff or an outside company to run a good website anymore. See how easy it is to make updates and changes yourself

Save time, money and paperwork

Use your website to accept and organize information from your visitors, save on paperwork and postage by communicating online, and more

Get all the extras, less of the hassles

Get your domain name and e-mail, find the right hosting provider, learn about who your visitors are and where they come from, and get found on Google

Take advantage of popular online tools

Get more visibility for your organization through social media sites, and put your business on the mobile web

Complexity-free personal training

Personalized walkthroughs will guide you through running your site so you never get lost or overwhelmed

Make your boss look good, no experience necessary

Save the IT bills and become an indispensable expert for your company, even if you aren’t naturally computer-savvy

Take the first step

To see what’s involved in setting up or redesigning your site, go here. To see examples of LCG Multimedia's past work and available features, click here. Have more specific questions? Get in touch on the contact page.

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